Pastor Dominic and First Lady Hannah Foor

Pastor Dominic and First Lady Hannah Foor were married in 2013. They assisted Bishop and Sister Palmer for many years, serving as youth leaders, before becoming lead pastors in 2021. They also currently oversee the Pathway Hyphen group, and First Lady Foor is our Music Minister. 

They have love for people, and a desire to see our church grow. Pastor Foor has a tremendous testimony that has given him a compassion for the lost. Together, their dedication and vision to furthering the kingdom of God is what makes them exceptional leaders. 

They have one daughter, Favor Grace. 

Bishop John and Sister Dora Palmer

Bishop Palmer founded Pathway Apostolic church in 1994, and was the Lead Pastor before becoming Bishop in 2020. Sister Palmer previously served in the Sunday school and Youth departments, and is currently active in our Ladies Ministry. 

Since taking on the office of Bishop, the Palmers have continued their work in various areas throughout the church. They remain an integral part of Pathway!

They have been married for 20 years and have two daughters, Hannah and Beka.   Bishop Palmer also has two children, John and Jackie, with his late wife, Beulah.